I like to write and I like to try new things. I love sharing experiences and inspiring creativity within people. I love seeing people chase their dreams, and I enjoy being apart of it designing. I'm born and raised in Northern California and I'd never leave California- for now.


“Cali girl seeking all things trill.”


I’m the girl who loves to write, design and be creative. I work in the creative industry and I mainly work on graphics, web design and social media as a 9 to 5. I enjoy doing things I’m passionate about, I never was one of those kids that had life figured out. I just followed what I was passionate about and it led me here.

When I was 12 years old I started a blog and used it as an outlet to be creative and express myself. I designed graphics and wrote on a blog called boi-nk.net. After a few years later I started a young women’s lifestyle blog Free Bxtch Island. It focused mainly on fashion but it also featured a lifestyle aspect with a few other friends of mine. I decided to start writing again, but I wanted it to be something I enjoyed doing versus something that was a chore. So I created Trillafornia. I hope to inspire, make you laugh, and share my experiences with you… also all the cool shit I find.

You can call Trillafornia my passion project. I was at a conference one day, and became instantly inspired by the other creatives. They all worked these 9 to 5’s utilizing their talents which was a blessing- but at the same time still didn’t feel the passion.

So they began to follow what they are passionate about and loved doing for fun. That eventually led them to where they are now years later… doing GREAT things.  

Anyways, whether it’s design a graphic, sharing an experience, restaurant or recipe; I’m sharing it with you. I enjoy cooking, throwing parties, reading and stalking Rihanna on Just-Jared.com and dreaming about where I’m going to eat at and travel to on Thrillist. I’m also a big astrology nerd, who visits her psychic/therapist for therapy session. 

In the end, I hope Trillafornia inspires you. And if you’re in California, or from here I hope you visit amazing places I share, make the yummy recipes that I make for my family and get inspired from what I do. I will never post anything for my own gain, or to be bias. If it’s good to me, it’s going on here. If it’s crap I’m telling you. One thing you can rely on, is that I will always keep it Trilla. (Since I can’t say TRILL…word to Bun B.)


For general inquires please contact livetrilla@gmail.com


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